Ask the Expert How does new technology for stroke recovery work

Ask the Expert: How does new technology for stroke recovery work

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A neighborhood girl is filled with gratitude this Thanksgiving for having spent the last several weeks recovering from a stroke.

Since stroke is usually a complication, she is sharing her story to give hope to others in this time of pandemic.

stroke is linked. The main reason for this is that it appears to be the result of abnormal blood clots that can type in the body and reduce blood supply, most dangerously to areas of the brain.

The team at St. Elizabeth Healthcare says that the hot button heals quickly and engages in a recovery program as soon as possible to help restore the connection between body and mind.

Linda Reller has not been identified, but in October, she was identified with a stroke after some very unusual signs.

“I noticed some stiffness in my hand in the evening,” said Railer. “I went to the mattress and thought, ‘If it doesn’t rise by morning, I’ll go to the hospital.’ Then, I felt my arm going up, so I rushed myself to the hospital. By the time I got there, it was all pretty lame.”

“Assuming my right hand wasn’t working, it just scared me,” said Keller, a sewing and quilter.

Fortunately, her occupational St. Elizabeth Healthcare occupational therapist Christie Wittmayer is educated to use a device that acts almost like a bionic arm.

“We started using the Bionce H200 on his arm to try to maintain his muscle tissue to see how you can activate and interact for useful functions,” Wittmayer said.

The Bioness works with special electrodes, equivalent to the relayer’s profile on a PC program, which can then be adjusted to its needs.

“What it does is it stimulates low doses of electrical energy on his muscle tissue for his motor factors. It helps to re-train his mind about how you can interact with these muscle tissues.” ”

Pretty quickly, with coaching another ability, Railer saw a thing almost out of science fiction.

“I just used to be like this. Now that machine sticks my fingers out, and I can fist it just like that, and that machine sticks my fingers out. After that it’s fisting it.” I found all these babies working again – Nanu Nanu, Shanti!

This holiday season, she says she is again full of quilting and sewing and gratitude.

“These guys did a great job getting me back,” Railer said.

Take into account FAST is without a doubt one of the biggest ways to determine stroke signs. Which means falling face, hand weakness, speech problem and time name 911.

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