Britain to curb Google and Facebook with tougher competition rules

Britain to curb Google and Facebook with tougher competition rules


Britain will implement a new competitive regime next year to prevent Google and Fb from using their dominance to exclude smaller companies and problematic customers.

The code will be enforced by a dedicated entity within the Competitive and Markets Authority (CMA), which this year said needed new legal guidelines to put the tech giant to the test. Google and Fb dominate digital promotion, with nearly 80% of the 14 billion kilos ($18.7 billion) spent in 2019, Britain’s competition regulator CMA said.

The two US companies have said they are dedicated to working with the British government and regulator on digital promotion, as well as giving customers better control over their information and the ads they serve. While “shameless pro-tech”, Britain’s digital secretary Oliver Dowden said there was a growing consensus that the energy focus in a small number of companies was curbing progress, undermining innovation and causing those individuals and companies to adversely affecting those who depended on them.

“The time has come to tackle this and usher in a new era of technological progress,” Dowden said on Friday. The newly-created digital market unit, which could begin operations in April, could potentially be empowered to withhold, block and reverse decisions made by specialist companies and impose monetary penalties for non-compliance.

Corporations need to be more explicit about how they access customer information and restrictions that make rival platforms harder to use will likely be banned, said the federal government, which also includes foundations assisting news trading. can rebalance the relationship between publishers and the platform. The CMA said on Monday it was assessing whether criticism about Google’s experience warrants a proper investigation.

Entrepreneurs for the Open Internet (MOW), a coalition of expertise and publishing firms, said Google was modifying its Chrome browser and Chromium developer tools to offer higher management on publishers and advertisers. Google said it wanted to adapt promotional practices to changing expectations around the way it collects and uses information.

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