Enjoy one of the greatest jazz records in history with amazing technology

Enjoy one of the greatest jazz records in history with amazing technology

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In December 1926, seven musicians from New Orleans gathered in a recording studio in Chicago and created one of the many fine jazz ensembles in the historical past. The group was Jelly Roll Morton and his Crimson Sizzling Peppers. The piece was titled “Physician Jazz”, sadly at this time.

“Physician Jazz” took three minutes to file, and the music couldn’t be heard outside on the street below. Although at this time, ninety 4 years later and practically seven thousand kilometers away, I can hear them, just like they did all these years – every time I want to.

Assuming I have the equipment, I can choose between a sharply protected 78rpm file, an LP, an audio cassette, a CD, a DVD, YouTube or Spotify. When I load up or connect to the supply system and flick a change, music I’d done long before I was born is brought to life.

In 1926 there was a file supply and a wind-up gramophone system. Usually it can run down and must be wound on a 12-inch file before an extended piece is completed.

However, it was a classic innovation that allowed us in the fifties to hear “physician jazz” by a tiny built-in handheld speaker that tracked sounds through the file grooves that rotated by a metal needle. More notably, anyone in a studio in London can pay to file and the music can be broadcast well into one’s home in Oxford using a Wi-Fi set.

The fact that we had the expertise for this miracle in 1926 is extraordinary. The phone in those days was quite outstanding. How incredible it is to have the ability to communicate with anyone thousands of miles away using the waves of the wind!

In 1926 the idea of ​​smartphones, laser surgical procedures, bar codes, contactless debit cards, scanners, sensors, facial recognition, digital cameras, driverless vehicles, home travel, remote management units and many other options on regular basis life existed. was not. Yet, 450 years ago, some of these concepts were still emerging in Leonardo da Vinci’s mind.

This painter, inventor, engineer, scientist, mathematician, anatomist, doctor, musician and poet foresaw the motor automotive, air travel, machine guns, armored tanks, suspension bridges and robots centuries ahead of his time.

He backed up his theories with designs. And just as he imagined that, at some point, we would be having fun with air travel, he invented the parachute! However, even they could not predict the procedures in Chicago in 1926—not to mention the communication expertise, pharmacological development, and idea of ​​house stations at this time.

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