Health Insurance for Students in Germany

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In Germany there is a lot of importance of student health insurance. In situations requiring medical assistance Health insurance ensures you that by playing the role of an assistant. But to get a study visa for Germany, health insurance for students in Germany is also an essential requirement in order to be granted.

The government of Germany has introduced a law in which everyone requires everyone to have health insurance, including international students.

Public health insurance can be equipped by students who have enrolled in degree programmes are eligible to take, private health insurance plans are for those students who are over the age of 30 and are in preparatory or language courses.

Countries of Which Health Insurance are Accepted in Germany

International students who come from European countries which are listed below are as follows: 

  • Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • Iceland
  • Israel
  • Liechtenstein
  • Morocco
  • Macedonia
  • Montenegro 
  • Norway
  • Switzerland
  • Serbia 
  • Tunisia
  • Turkey

Applicants from these Universities are not required to get additional health insurance in Germany due to the acceptance of their public health insurance plans in Germany which means the health insurance from their home countries are valid in Germany. 

Additionally, in order to find the services of student health insurance as your health insurance does not cover all expenses in Germany they should make sure to check with their health insurance provider.

Once they arrive in Germany, then they will be responsible. As there is a possibility that the health insurance they have took from their home country will not cover all costs in Germany.

However, if an European /European economic area student is doing a paid internship in Germany or student job, German public health insurance is necessary for them. 

What are the non eligible categories for public health insurance?

The non eligible categories for the public German health insurance scheme are as follows:

  • If a student’s health insurance is recognized in Germany which they took from their home country.
  • Students who are at the age of 30 or more than it will not be eligible.
  • Students who are working in Germany as freelancers or are self-employed will not be eligible.
  • Students who have not enrolled for a degree programme in Germany for example: preparatory or language courses
  • Students are attending a post graduate program and those students who are scholarship holders (without a contract of employment).

Health Insurance Providers In Germany For Students

In Germany there are many Health Insurance providers but we have listed the Top 10 health insurance providers in Germany for students vichar as follows:- 

  1. AOK
  2. Barmer
  3. DAK
  4. Novitas BKK
  5. SBK
  6. TK
  7. AXA
  8. Care Concept
  9. HanseMerkur

Public Health Insurance from Germany

All those who are falling under the fixed income slab of €50,000 per annum require health insurance as it is mandatory in Germany. For providing highly subsidized Student Health Cover to International Students this Public Insurance has tied up with various agencies as well. On an average, the cost of a Public Health Insurance is nearly about €80 per month.

For students in Germany a public health insurance can cover all aspects of health care for a student that can be needed by them. Moreover, the cost of health insurance mentioned above is valid till the student reaches an age of 30 or completes the 14th Semester at the University in Germany. Beyond that, the cost of health Insurance doubles to about €160 per month.

Private Health Insurance from Germany

In Germany there are many private health providers and students have an option of taking up these health insurance policies in Germany as well. The students are totally advised to carefully go through the health insurance cover provided to them. Students often go with a minimum level of insurance in German universities which is required and it is always much giid to check that with the University.

Private Health Insurance from Home Country

Across different divisions of health care a lot of Indian private health insurances  are recognized in Germany. These health insurances are much cheaper as compared to the health insurances provided by Germany. And these Indian health insurance also offer a whole lot of benefits and ease to the students. In case a student is opting for Indian health insurance then it is very important to let the university know about it in advance.

Benefits provided by the Public and Private health insurance in Germany

  1. Recognized Across The Europre

German public health insurance is a perfect deal for people who are always on the move. In general, German health insurance offers wider coverage than most public insurance schemes offer elsewhere in the world. Germany is part of the common European healthcare scheme also considered as EHIC. This gives a guarantee that everyone undertaking public health insurance in Germany will have his/her medical needs covered in each European country. As well as, Germany has also signed social security agreements with several other countries where German public health insurance is accepted.

  1. Affordable Costs

In Germany the cost of public health insurance is increasing slowly from year to year. However, if we compare all public Insurances from other countries its costs are much affordable.

  1. Coverage for Non-Working Dependents

Mainly a private health insurance plan covers only a single person. Therefore, the cost to afford private health insurance in Germany for a family would be hard. Fortunately, In Germany public health insurance provides health expenses coverage for any non-working dependents. Under the scheme of mandatory health insurance which was made by the German Government, a German or non German resident is required to register his/her non-working dependency to the public insurance provider of his/her choice so they can receive the same medical services for free of charge when it will be needed.

  1. Nominal Fees at Hospitals

In Germany those who are having public health insurance are given a membership card. In case, If a medical treatment is being delivered then the patients only have to show their membership card and will have to pay a nominal fee and the provider of public health insurance will take care of the rest.

  1. Co-Payment

In Germany there are such types of public health insurance providers to which they do not offer coverage. In Germany for many additional medical purposes patients are oftentimes required to only pay a smaller amount of money while the rest charges will be covered by from which they have issued a public insurance plan.


In Germany issuing Health Insurance for getting a student visa is very important for an international student. As the Government of Germany has made Health Insurance a mandatory in the country. In this article we have discussed health insurance in Germany for students. I hope that this article may help you a bit. 

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