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Reuters Science News Summary Technology

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A delicate but exquisitely preserved cranium of a crow-sized bird with a beak-like bill that lived in Madagascar 68 million years ago is showing scientists that they had many clues about avian ranges during the age of dinosaurs. Looking for.

Scientists said Wednesday that the bird’s face was like no other identified bird from the dinosaur era – the Mesozoic period – not only because of the form of the beak but because of its underlying anatomy. Dull and regular or huge boom? The best way to evolve a ferocious dinosaur

Massive meat-eating dinosaurs obtained their fine dimensions in completely different evolutionary ways, some taking a gradual and regular path and others experiencing the rapid development of adolescence, which according to scientists was the result of fossilized bones. happens on the basis of. The fragments were analyzed.

The researchers examined annual growth rings — in tree trunks — in the bones of 11 species of theropods, a broad group that straddled all large carnivorous dinosaurs together with Tyrannosaurus rex and even birds. Research provides insight into the lives of many of the most fearsome predators to ever roam the Earth. SpaceX will proceed with Starlink evaluation, industrial service delayed

SpaceX will continue beta testing its satellite-based broadband service Starlink over the next 12 months, the company said late Tuesday, indicating that industrial service in 2020 will not be as provided as before.

Hawthorne, Calif.-based SpaceX, Elon Musk’s private in-house exploration firm, has launched practically 900 Starlink satellites into orbit since 2019 with the aim of providing high-speed Webb in rural areas globally. Egyptian inventor tests robot that can take a look.

With Egypt tackling a second wave, an inventor is testing a remote-control robot that can check, take patients’ temperatures and warn if they don’t wear masks at a private hospital north of Cairo wear. . Mahmoud al-Qomi, who designed the robot, called Cira-03, says it can help limit the spread of infection and prevent transmission of the virus.

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