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The programs of medical study vary widely across the world. Among most of the international students the Netherlands is considered as one of the best countries to study medicine in the world’s top medical universities. Due to which many international students prefer to study in the Netherlands and have made it as a favourite study destination.  In the Netherlands, medical programs are offered by both public and private universities. 

Why study Medicine in the Netherlands?

  • In the Netherlands most of the top medical colleges and Healthcare colleges offer unique medical programs to their students which are different from the courses offered by the other European countries. 
  • Every year in the Universities of Netherland more than 1,12,000 international students come there to pursue their higher education in medicine to become a doctor in the Netherlands. 
  • Students who have graduated from the universities of the Netherlands their degrees are very well recognised by the world. 
  • The Universities of the Netherlands charged comparatively low fees from students who are there to study MBBS in the Netherlands as compared to the other European countries. 
  • In the universities of netherlands  students also get an opportunity to apply for scholarships and grants who have high grades and performances in their academic year. 


Top medical Colleges to Study MBBS in the Netherlands

  1. University of Amsterdam – Faculty of Medicine

The University of Amsterdam is an Dutch University which is a public University as it a publically funded. This university has been situated in Athenaeum Illustre since 1632 and it is a very popular University. This university is considered as one of the best medical schools in the Netherlands for offering the medical degrees. This university is also highly selective, as every year they only accept 350 applicants among thousands of applicants at the Academic Medical Centre annually. In this university they offer Both degrees Bachelor and Master in Dutch language. This university has also been housed under the top university in the country for being best in offering medical degree programmes.

  1. Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam 

It is the next medical school in the Netherlands in our list of best medical colleges to study in the Netherlands. It is a private university as it is funded by the government of Dutch. This university is Based in the capital. The one other reason for its being best is that it is often included in the top 150 list of many other ranking Universities. The medical program offered by this university is recognized as one of the stronger disciplines, and it is also placed at 48th position in the Shanghai Ranking and 61st in the Times Higher Education rankings according to the recent data. It’s Bachelor of Medicine programme mainly focuses on theory as it is a preparatory course. In the same university they mainly offer degree programmes in Dutch. But students can also ask for English taught lessons also.

  1. University of Groningen

This European University was Founded in 1614. This university is situated in the northern part of the Netherlands.  The University of Groningen has been placed in the list of top 100 institutions in the world. It is famous among medical students for being the second-oldest educational centre in the country.

It is not like other medical schools in the Netherlands, it is very advanced and different. They offer their courses in both English and Dutch language to their students. Because of this only it has always been very favourite among international applicants. This university has a strict selection procedure as its acceptance quota is only 406 students per year.

Successful applicants get to enjoy Groningen’s unique patient-centred program. During the first year of the degree programme students they introduce their students to real-life cases that are discussed in small groups. They offer 3 weeks of internship to their students and a 6 week of study abroad option. 

  1. Leiden University

It is situated in South Holland and it is a publicly funded institution, which was founded in 1575. This university has also been listed among top 100 universities. Leiden is the oldest university in the Netherlands. The study programme of medical degree is recognized as one of the best in the country among medical students. Every year they only accept 332 applicants due to which the competition is very high. They offer their degree programmes in Dutch language.

The Bachelor of Medicine degree is taught at the Leiden University Medical Centre so as to link education with clinical practice and research. In Leiden University students get to continue with a master’s degree just after completing the 3-year of bachelor’s degree. For this master’s degree program they have also a stricter admission policy though in which they are accepting only 300 students a year. Graduates from Leiden University after finishing the courses have an option to be of service to less-privileged nations in which they are usually assigned to a physician-mentor for 3 years. Due to which they get to complete their internship rotations in the Netherlands and get to gain some experience.

  1. Maastricht University

Maastricht University is one of the youngest medical schools of the Netherlands as it was Founded in 1976. Every year more than 18,000 international students come from the different countries of the world, due to which it is considered as heaven for those international students who come every year in this university to study MBBS in the Netherlands. Within the university they offer many courses such as, bachelor’s and masters in Medicine. One thing which attracts most of the international students is they also provide courses in English language for international students. The bachelor’s degree offered by this university enables students to interact with patients early with the medical study. They also develop practical skills which are important to have for any doctor with the help of high-tech skills and laboratories.


You might be a bit confused as to which college you should go to pursue a medical degree in the Netherlands. It’s not that big a deal, almost all of the Dutch Universities are very excellent for offering high and quality Medical education to their international students. The fees are also quite affordable. So according to our opinion, selecting to study MBBS in the Netherlands is the best decision made by you. 

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