The Pandemic No Barrier To NZ Seniors And Technology

The Pandemic No Barrier To NZ Seniors And Technology

Tech Tricks

While many membership organizations are struggling
Stay active under the cloud of pandemic, SeniorNet NZ
sees an optimistic future for its membership companies. NS
nationwide organization that brings together seniors
Enjoy using their daily life expertise, having fun with
Schooling demand on membership progress and tips for admission
online companies.

SeniorNet CEO Heather Newell said:

The unintended punishments of the pandemic were focused
Considering the need for seniors to be tech savvy and
Digitally aware. especially the increasing number of establishments
Banking, insurance coverage and government companies shifting their position
online companies and senior residents, especially within
The over 70 age group is recognizing their vulnerability.
“SeniorNet isn’t just about instructing seniors to convert to IT
professional though we need people to have the ability to
Participate confidently in our online world.”


lockdown, 60 seniornet study centers
Was unable to supply face to face across the country
study classes. faced with the possibility of
Socially distant, many seniors sought phone help
Handle their technical questions (How do I stream a Radio New?)
zeeland live performance program via my television?) Worried though
Social relations soon became a high priority.


The answer was provided with the help of Google who requested
“How can we proceed” to handle seniornet query
offer opportunities to study for people in lockdown or who
socially distant?”

Heather Newell said

The organization got down to giving the most effective alternatives to a facial.
Face this online imitation study environment.
“Anyone can find out about expertise from YouTube, regardless of our
Answers allow seniors to collectively study, share and
socialize at the same time. ”

six months from

The first nationwide lockdown has been a social experiment
resounding success, although it is still in its pilot
Forum. More than twenty “friends” have offered enough.
Material material to fill six online classes per day, seven days a
Week. Each session is limited to half an hour plus ten
Minutes for Introduction, Questions and Feedback
Presentation. Cases are concise and focused on apps, hints
and tips, shortcuts, merchandise and web sites. people sit
in their lounger or wherever they are resting and
Introduce yourself online.

enthusiasm is high and

Members have demonstrated that attendance will be
achieved under any circumstances. one participant participated
from the hospital, via his smartphone, where he was a
short process. The rest of the team were able to see him
receiving injections and their involvement possibly taken
His ideas from the mechanics of the process.


Government companies and corporates have offered subjects and
solicit suggestions from group members including
Westpac and the Ministry of Social Reform.


Has been a miraculous supporter within the venture,” said
Heather Newell. “This program is not just a pitch to use
fixed goods though about making connections and a
How many seniors are we studying the environment for
can do.”

The pilot will be evaluated over Christmas
holiday period but it’s safe to say it will turn into a
General Membership Benefits for SeniorNet Members

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